Indiana PayDirt Company - the SOURDOUGH PayDirt Bag


Indiana PayDirt Company provides the PayDirt that they have sourced from different areas around Indiana. These bags of PayDirt are dredge concentrates and will be heavily concentrated with black sand. 

The SOURDOUGH PayDirt bag contains 3 pound of our Indiana concentrates. The Indiana PayDirt Company does prescreen all of the concentrates to minus 12 mesh prior to packaging.

Currently this bag has approximately 1.00 grams of added gold that will be added to the gold that is already in our concentrates. The added gold is a blend of mesh sizes from minus 10 down to plus 50 mesh size gold but you will find plenty of gold that is minus 50 mesh that is natural Placer Gold that is found right here in Indiana.

This bag of PayDirt is guaranteed to contain gold.