GPK Premium Gold Flux (Black) 1 lb


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Our own special mix without lead (no cupelling necessary) and consisting of 4 main ingredients: Sodium Tetraborate, Sodium Carbonate, Silica and Manganese Dioxide. This flux is especially good for melting Karat or pure gold with your Kwik Kiln and delivers a beautiful, shiny finish to your gold without sticking. Good for smelting ores and melting precious metals in all Kwik Kilns®, along with other kilns and furnaces.

Please note: Premium Gold Flux will treat other precious metals such as silver or copper as impurities and will tend to pull them out, leaving only your gold. If you prefer to save all precious metals in your concentrates, use our Melting Flux, which has no manganese dioxide. You will then end up with an amalgam of your precious metals, meaning, whatever silver or copper there is will be mixed in with the gold.