Keene A51 Stream Sluice


The Keene A51 is the ideal sluice for lightweight prospecting. This 28” long and 10” wide sluice offers the perfect mix of utility and portability. Constructed out of the same high quality .063” aluminim as the A52. Lined with a custom made, double ribbed carpet covered by layer of expanded zinc platted steel. Equipped with a 21” long riffle board with multiple riffle designs to accommodate high and low water flows and provide optimum fine gold recovery. The built in flare design incorporates the micro-riffle matting that serves as a great indicator for whether you are finding gold or not, making prospecting a fast task.

The A51 also easily converts into power sluices, dredges or double- length units with a variety of interchangeable parts available for purchase.The heavy duty latching system makes this unit easy to disassemble.

Size: 36” x 10” x 4.5”

Weight 5 lbs.