Keene SGP2 Relic & Gem Classifier Sieve 1/4 Inch Tan


Keene SGP2 Relic & Gem Classifying Sieve 1/4 Inch Tan
Constructed of Tough High-Impact Plastic

Classify material before running through sluice boxes or gold pans. Used for sizing material and gold. These sieves will save time and improve recovery. Screen stacks and fit on the top of most 5-gallon buckets. This quality classifying sieve is constructed of tough high-impact plastic.

Our new model, Economy stackable sieves come in different colors for the desired mesh. They have been carefully designed to be the ideal tool for classifying material for your sluice box, concentrator, gold pan and more. Use with any of our CS models to get the perfect classification of materials you need!

Made in the USA!