Kwik Kiln® Deluxe Hybrid Kit


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Cupel your lead prill after fire assaying or melt precious metals and cast ingots. Portable propane fired kiln designed to both cupel and melt precious metals quickly and with ease. If you prefer a Kwik Kiln® that does both, at an economical price, this kit is the one for you.


Kiln weight: 1 lb

Size: 4" tall x 4" diameter

Stainless-Steel Jacket

2300°F rated refractory kiln material

Deluxe Kit Includes:

Hybrid Kwik Kiln®

4 Premium Bone Ash Cupels

6” Crucible Tongs

Cupel U Tongs

2 High Quality Dense NAC 500 Graphite Mini Crucibles

1 NAC 699 Graphite 2 oz gold / 1 oz silver Loaf Mol

3 oz GPK Melting Flux

Instructions for Cupelling and Precious Metals Melting

Propane Fired. Requires 2 Pencil Tip Torches, such as Bernzomatic UL2317 Torches (not included)

Please note:

The purer the metal, the less flux is needed, since flux is designed to pull out impurities. So, while some of our customers do smelt their gold concentrates in this mini Kwik Kiln®, it is a very tedious, small scale process, due to the limited capacity for 1 to 3 ratio of cons to flux needed. Therefore, we recommend only melting purer metals in it, such as fine gold, copper or silver. If you have enough cons to smelt, please check out our larger Kwik Kiln® series that are designed to accommodate larger crucibles with the capacity needed for smelting. And, if you happen to have enough pure gold to melt into bars with our larger kilns, please include us in your will. 


Firing the Kwik Kiln® beyond the operating effectiveness of the refractory kiln material or the use of any other size torch or propellant automatically voids any actual or implied warranties.

No guarantee is given on the amount of gold or silver or other precious metals obtained from this process, as it depends upon the quality of your materials to begin with. The more precious metals that are in your black sand, ore, or old jewelry, the larger your results will be.

This kiln is not a toy and is not to be used by children. This is a kiln that ultimately generates temperatures in excess of 2200° F. Do not allow children or animals in the immediate area when you are firing. Use at your own risk and follow all recommended and common-sense safety precautions. Sellers are not responsible for accidents or injuries caused by hot kilns or contents. Using one purchased from this seller acknowledges that you use it at your own risk