SE 10" Black Plastic Gold Pan w/ Shallow & Deep Riffles


SE 10" BLACK Plastic Gold Pan w/ Shallow & Deep Riffles for Gold Prospecting By SE

This 10" Black Plastic Gold Pan is a must in your prospecting projects, featuring two specialized riffles, a Shallow side & a Deep side, both specially designed for a great Gold Prospecting experience.

Product Features

  • Diameter: 10 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: BLACK
  • 1/5" Deep Round Base to Better Trap Gold
  • Two Different Types of Riffles: Shallow & Deep

Advantages over metal gold pans:

  • Plastic does not rust or corrode
  • The shallow and deep riffles trap the gold better, making your pan as effective as a sluice box
  • Plastic weighs a lot less than the metal pans
  • The color consistency of the plastic pan facilitates to spot gold flakes
  • The deep & round base optimizes your gold trapping ability